Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation

1. The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation is a charity to support research into diabetes by members of the medical and nursing professions Research fellowships

2. Small research grants in diabetes Grant

3. Education for professions allied to medicine Fund

AMRC Membership

The Foundation became members of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) in 2003.

It is important that AMRC members share a clear message about the importance of animal research and demonstrate to our supporters and donors the steps charities take to ensure they only fund high-quality research where there are clear benefits to people and animal health, and there are no alternatives.

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The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation

The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation is a registered charity that supports research and education in diabetes and invites individuals or departments in the UK working within the field of diabetes to apply for the clinical research awards outlned on this website.

Registered Charity Number: 1056410

Contact Us

The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation
3 City Place
Beehive Ring Road
West Sussex RH6 0PA
United Kingdom

Tel: 01293 762009

Call for applications 2019 

Research Fellowships
- Clinical Research Fellowships, up to 3 years duration (part time considered), are available for clinicians and nurses working towards a PhD or MD.
Grant - small research project grants up to £12,000 open to all applicants.
Fund - for nurses and allied healthcare professionals:
* attendance at a national or international meeting up to £1,000
* contribution to a course of study up to £2,000
* small clinical project up to £5,000

Closing date for all applications Friday 5 April 2019
For an application form and full details please contact:  




The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation is funded by Novo Nordisk, occasionally we accept ad-hoc donations, we do not actively source other funding.




Jan 2019