About Us

Trustees and committee members


Professor John Petrie (Chairman)
Professor Steve Bain
Professor Paul O'Hare
Dr Gillian Hood
Dr Avideh Nazeri
Professor John Gregory 
Professor Kamlesh Khunti 


Research Selection Committee

Professor John Gregory (Chairman)
Professor Joan McDowell
Professor David Russell-Jones
Professor Simon Griffin
Mrs Irene Stratton
Professor Stephen Luzio 
Professor Sadaf Farooqi 
Dr Pratik Choudhary 


Nurses & Allied Healthcare Professional Selection Committee

Dr Gillian Hood (Chairman)
Helen Rogers
Sian Rilstone
Sheila Burston
Judith Strutt
Ann Prescott 
Heather Daly
Rita Forde
Professor Vivien Coates



Policies and Guidelines

Registered charity

As a registered charity, The Foundation adheres to the rules and regulations set by the Charity Commission.