Applications will be invited autumn 2020 dates to be confirmed.

Application deadline: February 2021 (date tbc).

How to apply
Please contact us for application forms and conditions and guidelines
Tel: 01293 762009

Please complete and sign your application form and return to: Jackie Shuttlewood, The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation, 3 City Place, Beehive Ring Road, Gatwick, West Sussex, RH6 0PA or electronically via email to


Application form: Course of study (click to download)

Application form: Clinical project (click to download)

Application form: National or international meeting (click to download)


Conditions and guidelines (click to download)

Who can apply?

Applicants for a Fund award must be a qualified health care professional living and working in the UK. A qualified health care professional is a person requiring a qualification or license to practice in the UK (such as nurses, dieticians, podiatrists and pharmacists) except GMC registered professionals (who are not eligible to apply for this award).

Preference is given to those presenting at a meeting and having submitted an abstract. 


The objective of the Fund is to support clinical projects, training and education within the field of diabetes mellitus in the UK.  Funding is considered under the following:

Support of a clinical project

Attendance at a relevant national or international meeting

Support for courses of study at home or overseas 

N.B. No retrospective awards will be considered, award decisions are usually made in June, therefore any courses or conferences must fall after June each year.

For those applicants wishing to attend a national/international meeting it is preferred that they have submitted an abstract or presentation to the meeting.

Preference will be given to those applicants.

The annual amount available for the Fund is decided by the Trustees each year.

A selection committee will recommend applicants and the final decision for funding is granted by the Board of Trustees. Decisions are reached by simple majority.

Trustees expect all award recipients to adhere to regulations, and where appropriate the research governance framework.


The funds are granted for the purpose stated in the notification from the Board and the amount granted is, unless agreed otherwise, fixed on the basis of the application.  If the recipient wishes to use the funds in a way that differs substantially from the application, permission from the Board should be obtained in advance.  If the full amount of the Fund is not used, the balance must be returned to the Foundation.

On completion of the project, course or meeting, a maximum 400 word report must be submitted to the Board including an account of how the funds have been used and how the recipient, their practice and their patients have benefited. For Clinical Projects a peer reviewed abstract or publication would be accepted.

In publications appearing as a result of any project, acknowledgement should be made to the support provided by The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation.

Guidelines for completion of applications

Application forms are available on request from   

Incomplete, incorrect or late applications cannot be accepted.

Do not complete additional sheets to those provided – these will not be considered by the Board.

State all funding requirements.

For courses please insert a link to the course details.

For meetings please insert the agenda.

Insert a one page CV page (N.B. CVs will be shared with all reviewers). do not send CVs separately.

If the project involves patients or healthy volunteers, insert a copy of Ethics Committee approval.

BACs payments will be made to an institution or organisation wherever possible (for audit purposes), where this is not possible a receipt must be provided after the award is made.

Awards must be used within one year of the award date.

Further details can be found in the Policies and Guidelines of the Foundation, available on the Foundation website, which should be referred to in addition to this document.

Due to the number of applications received and the time demands placed on reviewers, unfortunately, it is not possible to provide feedback to each individual application.

All enquiries should be directed and applications submitted to: Jackie Shuttlewood, The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation, 3 City Place, Beehive Ring Road, Gatwick, RH6 0PA


Tel: 01293 762009 

Unsuccessful applications will be deleted from our records 12 months after a decision on funding is received. 

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