The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation

7 June 2021
The Foundation are pleased to announce that all awards will be available again in 2022. Applications will open in September 2021, please visit our webiste for further details nearer the time.


20 January 2021 
Applications for Fellowships and Grants are now closed.
However the Fund award remain open until 1 February 2021.

23 November 2020 - Fellowship and Grant applications
A reminder that the deadline for preliminary Research Fellowship and Grant applications is fast approaching - deadline 10 December 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Are you thinking of applying for a 2022 clinical project award?
Please see below from Freya an award winner in 2019.

The NovoNordisk UK Research Foundation project fund was used to support a group of young people with Type 1 diabetes (T1DM) to produce a short animation informing others about starting secondary school with T1DM in a fun, impactful and empowering way.  The young people also wanted the animation to increase understanding of T1DM and dispel common diabetes myths, for fellow pupils and teachers.  They believed this would help other young people living with T1DM making the journey into secondary school.   The animation has had thousands of views on social media, and many of the comments suggest that it is accessible and raises awareness of how T1DM can affect young people in schools.

Freya Brown, FEND Doctoral Research Fellow. King’s College London.




We are pleased to share some feedback from recipients of awards, we hope you are inspired to apply for funding.


Grant award made in 2018 :  The award has allowed us to investigate an automated closed-loop system for people with type 2 diabetes who require dialysis. Diabetes can be challenging to manage for people on dialysis as the amount of insulin required can be different each day. Our closed-loop system includes a glucose sensor, an App on a mobile phone and an insulin pump. The system automatically delivers insulin to keep the glucose in the target range. So far 11 people have used the closed-loop system and many say they prefer using it to their usual insulin injections and finger-stick glucose checks. We are looking forward to seeing if the closed-loop system improves glucose control too.

Charlotte Boughton, University of Cambridge





June  2021



Number of applications
Research Fellowship = 9
Grant = 28
Fund clinical project = tbc
Fund course of study = tbc
Fund educational meeting = tbc


Research Fellowship = 16
Grant = 28
Fund clinical project = 12
Fund course of study = 12
Fund educational meeting = 8
Research Fellowship = 2
Grant = 19
Fund clinical project = 13
Fund course of study = 31
Fund educational meeting = 3  
Research Fellowship = 2
Grant = 39
Fund clinical project = 13
Fund course of study = 31
Fund educational meeting = 5
Research Fellowship = 3
Grant = 27
Fund clinical project = 3
Fund course of study = 22
Fund educational meeting = 2
Research Fellowship = 13
Grant = 14
Fund clinical project = 8
Fund course of study = 15
Fund educational meeting = 15